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C++ library for working with OWL ontologies
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owlcpp::Map_ns_prefix Class Reference


struct  Err
struct  Pref_wrap

Public Member Functions

std::string prefix (const Ns_id id) const
Ns_id const * find (std::string const &pref) const
void set (const Ns_id id, std::string const &pref="")
 set or clear a prefix for namespace IRI
void erase (const Ns_id id)
void clear ()

Member Function Documentation

void owlcpp::Map_ns_prefix::set ( const Ns_id  id,
std::string const &  pref = "" 

set or clear a prefix for namespace IRI

idnamespace IRI ID
prefprefix string for namespace IRI; if pref is empty, the existing prefix is cleared from the IRI; if id is invalid, behavior is undefined

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