owlcpp  v0.3.3~
C++ library for working with OWL ontologies
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oNowlcppMain namespace of owlcpp library
||oCGet_value< std::string >
||oCNode_literal_impl< Datatype_string >
|oNtermsDefinitions of standard OWL namespaces and terms
|oNtestNamespace for unit-tests
|oCNode_idTerm identifier
|oCLib_infoLibrary info
|oCDoc_idDocument identifier
|oCNs_iriNamespace IRI
|oCNodePure virtual interface for RDF nodes
|oCDoc_metaDocument metadata
|oCNode_literalAbstract literal node class
|oCTripleRDF triple plus document ID
|oCRdf_list_iter_sIterates over members of RDF list
|oCMap_docStore document metadata
|oCMap_stdImmutable static set of namespace IRIs and nodes
|oCMap_nodeStore polymorphic RDF nodes
|oCMap_tripleStore, index, and search RDF triples
|oCMap_node_iriStore RDF IRI nodes
|oCTriple_storeStore namespace IRIs, RDF nodes, document infos, and RDF triples
|oCMap_nsMap for namespace IRIs
|oCCatalogStore locations, ontology IRIs, and version IRIs of OWL ontologies
|oCSuper_subSubclass/Superclass predicate
|oCEquivalentTest for equivalent concepts
|oCIs_nameTest whether node has a certain short name
|oCBegins_withTest whether node short name begins with a certain string
|oCCan_relatePredicate tests whether class X can relate through a given property P to another given class C
|oCCE_predicateAbstract predicate for selecting FaCT nodes
\CxxxNamespace IRI tag classes generated by macro OWLCPP_GENERATE_NAMESPACE_TAGS